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Product Module Overview

CoBaSys CBS, A Core Banking Solution is a comprehensive solution for Retail and commercial banking covering wide range of products including Current Accounts, Saving Accounts, Term Deposits, Loans and related functionalities. In the centralized scenario, the application servers, web server & database are set up in a central location only. All the branches send their request and get the response from the web server only when they are connected. The web server send - receives data to and from application server over the LAN. All the processing & business logic reside on the application server.CoBaSys CBS has comprehensive accounting features and flexible reporting tools to meet operational, management and legal requirements to manage its relationship with customers & streamline its business processes (financial & non financial service management). CoBaSys CBS architecture design provides interface with multiple delivery channels with external system (Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, contact center, etc). CoBaSys CBS is also capable of strong multi channel additional solution to deliver its services through innovative and cost effective channels, contact center, card processing, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking etc. CoBaSys CBS is also easy to link with BancScan (business intelligence software) which will allow reporting and time-based data analysis across multiple applications.

Functional Details

Credit Management:

    • Demand Loan / Term Loan
    • Corporate Loan
    • Retail Lending
    • Housing Loan Staff / Public
    • Gold Loans
    • Consumer Loans
    • Festival Loans
    • Education Loan
    • Agricultural Loans
    • Against Bank own Deposits (LABOD)
    • NPA with memorandum details
    • Rescheduling
    • Protested / Write Off / Claims / Recovery
    • Interest on Monthly/Quarterly, compounding, Moratorium, Simple Interest etc

Corporate Loans:

    • New Projects – These are of high value and of long period and are normally given by Financial Institutions.
    • Working Capital – These are normally given by banks.
    • Upgrade / Expansion – These are normally given by banks in conjunction with financial institutions.

Cash Credit Facility.



    • Short Term Loans
    • Medium Term Loans
    • Long Term Loans
    • Bridge Loans
    • Composite Loans
    • Consumption Loans

Retail Loans


    • Advances against goods
    • Advances against Documents of Title to Goods
    • Advances against Stock Exchange Securities which may include Government Securities such as National Savings Certificates, Government Promissory Notes and Corporate Securities such as Preference Shares, Debentures
    • Advances against Life Insurance Policies
    • Advances against Real Estate
    • Advances against Fixed Deposit Receipts
    • Advances against Book Debts
    • Advances against Gold Ornaments and Jewelry
    • Advances against land & building
    • Advances against plant & machinery
    • Advances against vehicles

Amortization Categories

    • Equated monthly installment
    • Reducing repayment method
    • Balloon repayment Method
    • Bullet repayment method
    • Open / User Defined Repayment Schedule

Credit Approval and Loan Application Processing

    • Create Present and Customized schemes for customers
    • Acquire Customers for these schemes
    • Create Cross Selling opportunities
    • Expend knowledge through mailers with respective Scheme Brochure.
    • Contact these customers.
    • Loan Interview
      • Eligibility of the customer is assessed
      • Score sheet prepared
      • EOI (In-Principal Sanction Letter) issued to eligible customers
      • Loan Amount and EMI
      • Contact these customers
    • Loan Application with necessary documents is received
      • Investigation Report is prepared after Field Investigation is also carried out.
    • Loan Sanction or Rejection
      • Loan Documentation
      • Account Opening of sanctioned accounts
    • Score sheet is again checked
    • Deviations are recorded as per Loan scheme.
    • Disbursement stages are recorded
    • Day to Day functioning and PDC management


    • Demand Deposit operation : Current & Saving Deposits
    • Current account with overdraft limit
    • Fixed Deposit
    • Recurring Deposit

Demand Deposit operation

    • Saving Number of free transactions allowed
    • Minimum balance charges
    • Passbook / Cheque book facility
    • Ledger folio charges
    • Dormant/Inoperative/Unclaimed periodicity & Head
    • Saving / Current overdraft allow parameters
    • Interest accrual/ posting periodicity parameter
    • Freezing / unfreezing of account
    • Standing instruction
    • Attachment

Time Deposit / Term Deposit / Fixed Deposit

    • Multi Currency Deposit
    • Facility of renewal of FDR from back date
    • Standing Instruction (both Internal & External) for payment of periodic interest on ordinary FDRs
    • User definable interest rate categories
    • User definable period for overdue FDRs
    • Fixed Deposit – In the case of TDS deduction it should be calculated on the basis of account number at the branch not by customer id or according to branch wise
    • Fixed Deposit – In the Fixed deposit the interest payment mode is required as per the account number wise not by the SGL wise. For each and every deposit it should be different like Monthly Normal, Monthly Discounted, Quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly and On Due Date.
    • Fixed Deposit – In the Lost / Stop entry of the Fixed deposit
    • If the FD is lien marked it can’t close the Deposit. It is only possible after releasing of lien from the FD.
    • RD Penalty – The penalty is not collected if the receipts not come.
    • RD Penalty – The penalty is collected at the time of RD installment receipts. If the penalty is not collected at the time installment receipts then it should be collected at the time of closing.


    • Freedom to design own set of remittance document with parameters
    • Parameterized Unique reference number for each remittance document
    • Parameterized maximum amount for cash payment of remittance
    • Cash to Cash remittance
    • Account to cash remittance
    • Parameterized charges calculation & posting
    • Remittance reporting for point to point state of remittance transaction
    • Parameterized period for Unclaimed Drafts
    • Parameterized minimum amount below which advice will not be received
    • Facility for partial/ full transfer of amount in some account
    • Draft amount can be paid in cash or can be transferred from account or both
    • User definable static details for multiple issue of drafts
    • Provision for Pay order, Mail Transfer and Telegraphic Transfer
    • User definable text for printing on pay order
    • Demand Draft – The details of the DD issued is available in the drawee branch as a report.
    • Unclaimed report is required in the case of Branch DD at payee branch and also in the drawee branch.
    • In the case of MT the number is in the format 0902625. Here 09 is the bank code, 02 is the branch code and the 625 is the MT number.
    • In the Remittance Issue screen the commission should be made editable. It is required an option to collect the commission as cash or transfer.
    • Stop / Release Payment of Demand Draft are required. (Remittance)
    • At the time of honoring the Branch DD issued from other branch the details are should automatically filled in the window with the issued details.
    • For Branch DD the Advice is automatically generated at the Honoring branch as pending job. The Authorizing officer should authorize the advice details at the honoring branch. If it is not seen at the branch at the day end time it show like pending job exists.

Other Optional Modules

    • Internet Banking
    • SMS Banking
    • Accessibility :

      • Customer is relaxed with the Bank at Doorstep Functionality
      • Agent is a bonafide person representing Bank.
      • Agent Carries a Mobile along with for any time banking.
      • Mobile Banking does not require extra charges
      • Works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

      Operations Supported :

      • SMS Push Services / Alerts Services
        • A/c Balance Remaining Alert ( Daily / Weekly)
        • Dr / Cr Transaction Alert ( For Slab Amounts > 0 )
        • Transfer / Clearing Transaction (Before / After Clearing)
      • SMS Pull Services on demand by Customer
        • Balance Enquiry
        • Cheque Status Enquiry
        • Mini Statement Enquiry (Last 5 transactions).
        • Cheque book, DD, Amt. Transfer request
      • SMS based Transaction through Agent.
        • Customer is a A/c Holder
        • Agent is also an A/c holder and Authorized from Bank.
        • Customer Makes a Request through SMS Pull Service
        • Agent is asked for the confirmation of the Customer Request
        • Agent confirms the Transaction
        • Transaction is performed with due checks in the system
        • The Confirmation is sent back to Both.
        • Immediate Balance transfer ( during working hours )
    • Business Intelligence Module
    • eHR – Payroll Module
    • Business Intelligence
      • Software is Menu driven and Web Based.
      • Access is through User Login.
      • Maker-Checker concept is available.
      • Option available of printing blank or filled entry screen.
      • User defined access control for Addition/ Modification available i.e. Access Rights.
      • Audit trails provided for each login/ logout and addition/ modification by individual users
      • Uploading of data in electronic form as well as data entry mode available.
      • Uploading of data any number of times permitted at various stages.
      • Locking of the particular period available to Super User to restrict any changes in data
      • Software accepts data in multiple currencies
      • Software compiles data for preparing Balance Sheet and P&L account in Indian rupees and any other currency
      • Software compiles statements of Sundry Deposits, Sundry Credits, and Suspense Debits Software compiles statements of Asset Classification & Allocation of Advances & Unrealized Interest.
      • Comparison of data with variations with previous quarter/half year /year is available.
      • Software has a process of netting certain amounts of inter office /provision nature from gross amounts.
      • Software works out various ratios and statements like Capital adequacy ratio, Segment Analysis, Cash Flow Statement for the bank as standalone and also consolidated.
      • Software is in a position to configure the amount in thousands, lakhs, and crores
      • All reports relating to Capital Adequacy Ratio, Cash Flow Statement, Segment Analysis, Control Returns, Ratios, Board Memo.
      • Software has provisions to accommodate increase in no. of branches ,zones etc and also various other fields which may come in future.
      • The fields will have drop-down lists wherever nature of required input permits.
      • Fields for data of permanent nature will be default populated.
      • We have drop down list boxes pre populated in the option windows.
      • Version maintenance will be there
      • Data storage is done in SQL server.
      • Reports can be viewed/ printed or can be exported in XML, TIF, PDF web archive, excel and CSV.

Delivery Channels

    • Branch Teller (Inbuilt with CoBaSys CBS)
    • ATM thru external interface
    • Internet Banking thru external interface
    • Mobile Banking thru external interface
    • Call Center thru interface

General Ledger Accounting

    • Supports industry-wise analysis of borrowed accounts at all layers in the organization to enable it to make a comprehensive and precise statistical/trend analysis for decision making
    • Integrated approach to evaluate all the facilities granted to one borrower, inter account transfers and group transactions
    • Multi dimensional analysis of credit data to cater the entire needs at corporate level, branch level and at the levels of controlling offices
    • User definable Unlimited level of Grouping of GL and Accounts Heads
    • Multi-currency accounting system.
    • Extensive use of user-definable parameters
    • Day wise exchange rates
    • System performs on-line-transaction-processing wherein every entry is saved and posted till the final balancing viz., Individual Accounts, Account Heads and Balance Sheet.
    • All transactions in bilingual language
    • Users – definable optional Fields in Masters
    • Flexible voucher Numbering
    • Common bank Parameters for following functionalities
      • Minor account holder minimum & maximum age limit
      • Year Close Netting head parameter
      • Transaction no generation parameter
    • Charges Parameter: Charges levied can be
      • Fixed amount
      • Percentage of the transaction amount with a minimum & a maximum charge.
      • Linked to number of transactions in an account.
      • Different rates for different currencies.
      • Multiple charges attached to a single transaction.
      • Commitment charge on unutilized limits
    • User definable Parameterized implementation of charges based on periodicity for various module
      • Minimum balance charges
      • Cheque book charges
      • Ledger Folio charges
      • Remittance charges for document issue, duplicate issue, cancellation
      • Bills collection charges
      • Inward & outward Clearing return charges
      • LC & BG postage, commission, agency charges
      • Pre-closure Charges
      • Locker rent charges
      • Standing Instruction Execution
      • Standing Instruction not executed charges
      • Issue of cheques
      • Stop Cheques
      • Loan processing charges
    • User definable scheme wise parameterized implementation for various modules
      • Saving / Current Deposits
        • Dormant/Inoperative/Unclaimed periodicity & Head
        • Saving / Current overdraft allow parameters
        • Interest accrual/ posting periodicity parameter
      • Loans
        • Interest accrual/posting periodicity parameters whether monthly/quarterly/half year/ yearly
        • Interest on Monthly/Quarterly, compounding, Moratorium, Simple Interest
        • NPA defining parameters
        • NPA provisioning parameters
        • Suit file/decreed/write-off parameters
        • Unavailed limit parameters
  • Other Modules
    • Teller Opreations
    • Lockers Opreations
    • Cashier Opreations
    • Sundry Suspense
    • Letter of Credit and Bank Guarantee
    • AEPS
    • ATM
    • POS
    • ECS
    • CTS
    • CKYC
    • EKYC
    • CIBIL
    • NACH
    • ACH
    • DEAF
    • Cheque Personnalization
    • PM Insurance
      • PMJJY
      • PMSBY
      • Atal Pension Yojana
    • PFMS
    • Passbook Kiosk

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    GL Reporting

      • Account Head Balance
      • Group Ledger
      • Trial Balance
      • GL Effected Report
      • Weekly Reports
      • Balance Sheet
      • P/L Report
      • Progressive Balance Book

    Operational reports

      • Day book reports
      • Cash / Clearing / Transfer journals
      • User wise transaction report
      • GL effected reports
      • Loans recovery report
      • Loan sanctioned reports
      • Loans overdue reports
      • Daily Transaction reports
      • Cheque book related reports
      • Passbook related reports

    Financial General ledger reports

      • Balance sheet
      • Off-Balance sheet report
      • Profit & loss Statement
      • Account Head wise Trail balance
      • GL head wise Trail balance

    Exceptional Transaction report

      • Accounts with transaction over limited amount
      • Accounts opened without any transaction
      • GL head with balance opposite to their behavior , For Eg : Asset Head with Credit Balance
      • Loan Account with Limit Expired date
      • Transaction passed with any reference
      • Commission amount changed for remittance issue document.
      • Account Master Information such as address, name, and personal details changed.

    Administrative reports

      • Parameter related reports viz GL head wise common parameter, Bank Common Parameter, NPA parameters
      • Charges Related Reports
      • FD Interest Charts
      • User Related reports
      • Master Related reports
      • Control Balance Reports

    Customer Related Reports

      • Account Statement
      • Balance Certificate
      • Interest Certificate
      • Advice Certificate


      • Thanks letter to new account holder
      • Defaulter notice
      • Reminder letters

    MIS Reports

      • Customer Detail reports
      • Loan Sanctioned related reports
      • Limit Expiry reports
      • Cashier Module related reports
      • Standing instruction related reports
      • Account Open / Close statements
      • Guarantor related reports
      • Nominee reports
      • Accounts General Information reports
      • User Designable reports
      • Loans defaulter reports
      • Loans Recovery reports
      • LG/BG reports
      • Remittance issue /cancellation/ Duplicate issue/payment/ outstanding reports
      • Bills reports


      • Secure Data
      • Designation wise menu access rights
      • User Id related validations.
      • Machine address related validations
      • Password related validations