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Product Module Overview

CobaSys ePACS is component based & modular and have been built on open industry standard platform. These solutions leverage industry standard protocols and methodologies to seamlessly interface with multiple back office systems and enable banks to offer single point access to various products.CobaSys ePACS is inherently platform-independent with respect to database, hardware and OS. An open, message-oriented architecture ensures easy deployment, high interoperability and simplified maintenance, all translating into significant cost savings. By implementing a single e-business platform to support consumer, business, and trade clients, banks can leverage their IT infrastructure investments across multiple market segments.

Functional Details


    • Paid Up Capital - Individual
    • Paid Up Capital - Government
    • Paid Up Capital – Others

Reserves Funds and Grants

    • Reserve Funds
    • Capital Reserve
    • Agriculture credit Stabilization fund
    • Dividend Equalization fund
    • Building Fund
    • Common Goods Funds
    • Balance in Profit and Loss Accounts
    • Subsidy meant for Society
    • Subsidy meant for members
    • Recapitalization of Assistance Funds
    • Provident Funds
    • Other Grants


    • Saving
    • Recurring
    • Fixed Deposit
    • Re Investment
    • Other Deposit


    • Short Term / KCC Credit Limit
    • Medium Term/ Long Term Agriculture Loan
    • Medium term Conversion
    • MT/ LT Reschedulement
    • SHG Loans
    • Non Farm Sector Loans
    • Fertilizer cash Credit Limits
    • Seeds Cash Credit Limits
    • Cash Credit Limit for Agriculture Produce
    • Cash Credit Limit for Gold Loans
    • Public Distribution Scheme CC LIMIT
    • Consumer Commodities CC Limit
    • Other Non Credit Activities
    • Loans against Deposits
    • Other Borrowings
    • Borrowings from State Government.
    • Borrowings from Other Institutions

Contra Items

    • Bills for Collections

Branch Adjustment Account (Applicable to ePACS that have more than one branch)

Other Liabilities

    • Interest Accrued on Deposits
    • Interest Accrued on Borrowings
    • Unclaimed Dividend
    • Sundry Creditors
    • Other Liabilities


    • Provision for PF/ Gratuity/ Bonus / Pension
    • Provision for Standard Assets
    • Provision for NPA (Substandard / Doubtful / Loss)
    • Overdue Interest Reserve
    • Provision for Overdue Interest on Investment
    • Provision for Outstanding Expenses.
    • Provision for Sundry Debtors for Credit Sales.
    • Provision for Depreciation in the value of Investment.
    • Other Provisions

Profit and Loss Accounts

    • Interest on Deposits
    • Interest on Borrowings

Establishment and other Expense

    • Salary and Allowances
    • Management Expenses
    • Rent, Taxes, Electricity
    • Repair Cost of Premises
    • Insurance
    • LAW Charges
    • Postage and Telephone Charges
    • Printing and stationary

Trading Accounts

    • Purchase of Fertilizers / Seeds / Pesticides
    • Sale of Fertilizers / Seeds / Pesticides


    • Coverage of Membership
    • KCC Scheme
    • Crop - Wise Loan Disbursement
    • Demand Collection and Balance Statement
    • Period Wise Classification of Overdue
    • Stock Position
    • Details of Deposits Mobilized
    • Growth in Share Capital
    • Asset Classification and Provisioning Requirements
    • Progress Report.

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Benefits to ePACS :

They will be automated as per NABARD CAS guidelines on a Core Banking Platform.

They will be able to provide facility to their customers whereby they will be able to transact from :

    • Any other connected ePACS
    • Through their connected APEX bank

ePACS would be connected to APEX bank thus physical movement of paper will be reduced

Better Monitoring will be possible at all levels

Open more options to increase business income for ePACS