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Banc Mate  TBA

Product Module Overview

India’s first and only bi-lingual (multi-lingual) banking application as per the mandatory requirements of the Official languages Act, 1963. BancMate uses natural behavior of WINDOWS and has been developed on POWER BUILDER using the CLIENT/SERVER technology and uses Open Data Base Compliance or ODBC technology. BancMate is the only application in the country today which is PLATFORM and DATA BASE Independent. It can operate on any platform like UNIX, WINDOWS NT, NOVELL NETWORK, OS2, WINDOWS’95 using Open Data Base Connectivity standard thus enabling connectivity to any RDBMS like ORACLE, SYBASE, MS-SQL etc.

Functional Details

1. MIS covering :

    • Income Expenses Statement
    • Profit and Loss Statement.
    • Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Half Yearly/Yearly Reporting to RO/HO
    • Making of required Credit statements
    • NPA statements
    • Statistics and comparisons between branches
    • ALM Extracts
    • IBR Extracts

2. HO Upload and Download Interface (formats to be provided by specific bank)

3. Salary / Pension Upload Interface (formats to be provided by specific bank)


5. ATM Interface with base24 switch providng following features :

  • For ATM
    • Balance Enquiry
    • Cash withdraw
    • Mini-Statement
    • Cash Deposit
    • Cheque Deposit
    • Cheque Book Request
    • Statement Request
    • Funds Transfer (Across branches in the Bank’s Network)
    • Railway Ticketing
    • Utility Bill Payment
  • For POS (through Master card / Visa card)
    • Purchase / Sale Transaction
    • Bill Pay Transactions
    • Void Transactions
    • Balance Enquiry Transactions
    • Adjustment Transactions
    • Pre-Auth Transactions
    • Pre-Auth Completion Transactions
  • For SEFT through RBI using base24 switch
    • Online Funds Transfer

6. Telebanking Interface

7. Mobile Banking Interface

8. KIOSKS : Inquiry Terminal for customers with clearing cheque deposit facility


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