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Who We Are

    • A software development, sales and marketing organization
    • Innovators : Created IPR’s and framework like BancMate TBA/CBS, Bilingual methodology etc.
    • Rated amongst top 100 innovators by NASSCOPM in 2007.
    • Over 3 decades of experience of working in IT industry providing solutions and Strategic Project Management.
    • Experience of successfully handling large e-Gov., BFSI, Telecom, Defense, Infra projects
    • Specialize in Software Development, Consulting, Distribution of software products, Systems Integration, customized B2B and Enterprise Software Solutions and Data Processing
    • 15,000 Man Month of Experience : Domain expertise of Core team spans across the verticals
    • Tie up with Leading SI and App Partners : Strategic relationship with world leaders to provide integrated solutions and best of support
    • Focused on Long-Term Customer Relationships with repeat business of over 85%
    • PreCise : Live projects with Academia


    Commenced operation in 1995

    • Natural Technologies (P) Ltd. formed in 1995
    • Natural Support Consultancy Services (P) Ltd. formed in 2005
    • PreCiseCart Private Limited formed in 2016
    • ConServe Infotech Private Limited formed in 2016

    We created the Bilingual / Multi Lingual methodology.

    Rated as one of the top 100 innovators by NASSCOM.

    To develop and implement a total quality software solution

    To provide solutions to plan continual improvement in all areas

    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Instant solution of the queries of customers
    • Single Window Solutions of allied services

BancMate – our first product…..

    Developed BancMate, India’s only Multilingual Branch Banking Software

    BancMate - Marketing alliance with PNB India’s second largest public sector bank.

Natural and PNB and PNB RRB’s

    We have a very special relationship with PNB :

    • BancMate was marketed by Punjab National Bank
    • BancMate was installed in Punjab National Bank in over 2300 branches.
    • BancMate was installed in all Regional Rural Banks of PNB in over 1100+ branches.
    • In 2004 PNB decided to upgrade BancMate to BancMate core Banking System.
    • PNB deputed a team with Natural to develop BancMate Core Banking System.
    • In 2006 PNB decided to form a subsidiary of PNB, Natural and HCL. The subsidiary did not take shape
    • In 2008 Natural Technologies (P) Ltd. was merged with HCL.
    • Natural Support Consultancy Services (P) Ltd. was kept with original promoters.