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Product Module Overview

Human capital management’ (HCM) is the art, science and technology of acquiring and engaging a productive workforce. It goes beyond the traditional HR roles of facilitating and managing recruitment, payroll and benefits, and seeks to understand the value of employees; assess their operational effectiveness; and manage the acquisition of skills and knowledge.

When professionally managed, HCM strategies translate directly into increased shareholder value by fully utilizing the collective value of your employee base.

easyHR is a customizable and easy to use web based application covering the entire life cycle of an employee from Recruitment to Resignation or Retirement.

easyHR offers the following modules, Recruitment Management System, Human Resource information system (HRIS) , Employee self service (ESS), Leave and Attendance Management , Complete Payroll Management along with Taxation management upto Form 16, Claims and reimbursement management , Appraisal Management System, Training management system, Travel management, Time sheet management and many more

Key Benefits

1.Develop a single and integrated view of employee information across all departments using IT

2.Provide timely & reliable management information relating to human resources for effective decision making

3.Provide tools for forecasting future cash flows of the State in respect of salaries and pensions

4.Integration with other related applications such as Treasury, Payroll etc.

5.Provide ‘single window’ services to employees

6. Reduce administrative overhead for the HR professionals

7.Provide accurate and unified view of the employees and the employment to the administrators

8.Provide simple, accurate and timely information to the employees

9.Reduce the paperwork

10.Reduce technical complexities related to data management

Main Modules

1. Personnel Management System

2. Attendance Management

3. Time sheet management

4. Leave Management System

5. Payroll Management

6. Claim Management System

7. Income Tax

8. Promotion and Transfer

9. Travel Management system

10. Training

11. Recruitment

12. Appraisal Management

13. Employee Self Service (ESS)

14.Human Resource inventory

15.Income Tax Management

16.Employee Loan Management


18.Manpower Planning


20.Assets & Liabilities

21.Charge taking

22.Discipline Action Management



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